We create!

Some call us writers, creators, brainstorming ninjas – whatever name you give us, we’re storytellers at heart.

We develop and produce any type of content you could need. From blog posts, to tweets to tear-inducing videos – no one tells stories better than us!

After 15 years of experience in television, radio and print news, we know how to use any medium: print, web, podcast or video to tell intimate and powerful stories. We can write and produce any type of communications piece you need. Share it on YouTube, your website, a blog, a podcast and of course on social media to promote your business, personal brand or event and get people to “feel” just where you’re coming from and what you’re all about.

What Bangel PR can do for you

  • Write and produce 2-3 minute promotional videos, teasers, promos or internal video messages
  • Develop key messages and visual content
  • Develop media plans for sharing and execution of content
  • Write teasers, social media content, blog content, news releases and website content

Let us tell your story!