Media attention to grow your business

If you want media coverage you have two options: You can buy advertising, or you can be featured in a way that is more meaningful and beneficial to your business. We help you get featured. By connecting you to media makers — TV, radio, magazine, newspaper editors, producers, hosts, columnists and bloggers — we help you build an audience and promote your business or event.

For 15 years, Bangel PR has cultivated relationships with Edmonton media, and can save you thousands of dollars in advertising that’s often overlooked by a public inundated by ads. Media appearances, interviews and columns, if pitched properly, will help you reach a large audience and build trust.

People are more likely to watch, listen or read an interview that provides useful information or tells a story, than an ad designed to sell them something. You provide the content for free, and the media provide their platform in return. It’s a win-win set-up, and we are your matchmaker.

What Bangel PR can do for you

  • Clarify your story: We focus on your most compelling stories, and find creative ways to tell it to your target audience
  • Editorial placement: We pitch your most newsworthy stories to media outlets targeting the audience(s) you want
  • Develop a media kit: We help you package your business, products or event information so it will be read and distributed by media outlets
  • Plan media tours, press previews and launches: Quite simply, we can bring the media to you
  • Create media and communications plans: Maximize the impact of your promotions and launches by working with us to develop a broad communications strategy to guide you beyond an event or media interview