The Challenge: The Winspear Centre is in an era of evolution. It’s more than a concert hall. It’s a world class Centre for Music and Education. In 2017 it is launching a Capital Campaign to expand the Winspear building. It wants to promote international artists coming to play with the ESO. It is expanding its arts education programming and community outreach, and it is celebrating a new Chief Conductor for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. It has BIG PR goals!

The Solution: Bangel PR brings increased media placement to the Winspear & the ESO’s concerts, which increases its public presence and gives it a platform to promote its larger goals. Bangel PR has also showcased its music education programming highlighting its need for additional education space. Bangel PR has also leveraged its new exceptional Chief Conductor, Alex Prior, with local and national features.

What We Delivered: With Bangel PR’s help, the Winspear Centre & the ESO has never had so much regular press coverage. Our assistance with one story in particular gained the Winspear Centre international coverage from across Canada, all U.S main networks, the BBC and as far away as Asia and through Europe. With just one story’s media coverage its been estimated the marketing value if that coverage had been purchased would be $400,000.

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