The Challenge: Kingsway Mall wants to increase its annual media coverage with a focus on fashion and community engagement for its 40th anniversary year.

The Solution: Build and execute a broad media plan with unique story angles for TV, radio and print, to profile Kingsway Mall as a fashion shopping destination with a giant heart for its own community. We set out to showcase all of its charitable giving and community partnerships developed over its 40 year history.

What We Delivered: Kingsway Mall and Bangel PR have been a force to be reckoned with. In May of 2016 – Alberta experienced one of its biggest natural disasters with the Fort McMurray wildfires. Kingsway Mall stepped up and offered its empty Target location to the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society (EERSS) as the main pickup location for all 90,000 evacuees to come collect supplies and goods. As a result Bangel PR provide crisis communications support not just to Kingsway Mall but to the EERSS’s volunteer run organization. Writing and crafting messaging to keep Edmontonians wanting to donate and Fort McMurray residents needing supplies – informed in the chaos.

With our help, Kingsway and EERSS held regular news conferences, sent news releases and hosted live television crews covering the fire for weeks.

In addition to the fires, Bangel PR supported Kingsway Mall’s four other massive community fundraisers including a 40th anniversary gala and increased its fashion media to regular monthly/seasonal offerings at all Edmonton TV media outlets.

Bangel PR continues to work with Kingsway Mall into 2017 as it completes a 47 million dollar redevelopment of the mall.